The Invisible Tie

Like all the men who claim to be sophisticated in this world, some of which are and some of whom who are not , what makes them so different from the other men? Should the way they dress in their Tom Ford’s and drive massively expensive cars with their extravagant style of living come together to get them laid? be applauded for ? What exactly is sophistication ??? Are we born with a tag of being so? Because i feel it to be a matter of upbringing no matter the rest of the views. Are the souls of such men also branded ?? Do such souls even smell great because they are wearing a Hermes perfume ?? Well according to me the heart of a men is the best scent for their souls! So who brought in this partiality ??? Why do we encounter men with great hearts, weighing a perfect soul inside them in contrary to the branded ones ? Have we become such hippocratic people that we prefer a branded soul to get laid to or married to ??? Do we prefer souls with a tux over the most magnificently casual ones? Are we being fair to ourselves ???? Why is it that in this world where you are so lucky to have all the sights to technology to heal every sight and look better/clearer, the most important thing seems to be such a blur? Is our vision lost ??? Can no one heal it ???? Why cant any one of us be a “tie-breaker.”

My man is just slightly different. He is not here nor there! I don’t see him in a tux, nor do i wish to see him so. But he is not under the category of a casual one either. I see a third breed all together. I see his soul in a tie! A tie which is not visible to everyone but me! The tie thats pulling me closer to that of his soul everyday. Its just hanging in there, holding his soul dam straight. Its so amazingly carved around his neck and does its work so faultlessly that I sometimes wonder that if that tie gets apparent to all, he might get in a trouble of  being researched over ! It gets me wonder, he wants it all, and by all i mean, all the love, all the care, all the attention, all the time, all the money and i know that all of you might wonder that what is so different about it. Every man is thriving for all this! Then what is so different? The difference is in the embroidery, the design of the tie. He wants all this like just another man but why is the question! He doesn’t want all of this for himself. Not a thing! He wants all this for me . For US! His single tie and our two souls is the only sole (motive) to fight for. I know that yet again you might wonder that there are shit loads of selfless people out there who want everything so what is it ? What is exactly is it that this soul is different from the rest ? Answer ??? In the times where the tie lets him lose with his confidence, in the times where the tie chokes him, in the times where it becomes a hinge trying its best to kill him, i see everyone giving up sometime or the other but he doesn’t end up giving up on any of the life’s principles. I don’t understand but for a man who is not having a top-notch luxurious Burberry soul still be the most expensive one of all! I’m not saying that all the luxurious souls are that mean, not claiming anything but an observation.

Haven’t gotten to the best part yet, i see a transformation in my soul every now and then, becoming not equally but closer to perfect every day in his absence. How he has tied his tie that has tied his soul to that of mine. How exquisitely he was handling my soul all these years is something i will never know but now it smells like that of him, no covering but just the way it came to this world. He has transformed my labelled soul into the most normal one and i couldn’t be happier. I have never felt so alive. On how being in the middle of all such variably different souls, i feel like mine is the most simple one. No complications.

This post is just the smallest attempt to make all of you get closer to life in real and not materialistic side of it.!!

I pray for all you beautiful souls everyday.



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