A state of being alone+Soul=SO(u)LITUDE

A state where you are out and out and there is not a single ear to listen out to you. Imagine! A dark night, an empty street, and you. Not a single stray out there, not even a moon to give you light w.r.t. no friends, a big family but not one person to listen to the way you actually are, not even a stranger. Only you . Even your soul gives up on you at that time !!! When it gives up on being inside you for so many years like it never existed. Its so weak now, so hollow and nothing constant! Not even the pain. Even a cry for help cant help you at that time because you are oh so fragile to even let the tears roll out of your eyes. The soul is so ice cold at this time , so numb that it can’t feel a dam thing. All you barely see are huge buildings in front of you but they are so far off that its impossible to reach them. While walking you realize that even your own shadow has now left you. Every step give birth to the death of aged hopes. You can’t listen to your breath now. There is literally no one down that road but YOU.

You want to sleep, the brain wants to do the opposite of thinking, lips want to stop the talking, fingers want to stop talking, the heart wants to stop beating, lungs are breathing out a smoke of cigarette but an inch of strength in the dreaded soul wants to crawl to that building, its like my own soul has turned into a ghost, when you know that it will be far more easier to jump and die from one, but still wants to reach out there, call for the love which is lost somewhere in the land of skyscrapers. The architecture and beauty of it is so mesmerizing that it can even give life to the almost lifeless soul. The future from here somewhere looked so attractive that the soul cannot be a citizen of the Solitude. It wants the dazzle to chisel its life up in the most fascinating way. Why has this distance become so dominant on the soul? Why can’t it be vice-versa?? Why can’t souls from each end of the world keep it intact???? Why does this time not pass???? Why does it feel like every hour without him is an ungodly hour ??? Is the soul an asthma patient that it can’t find its breath in his absence???? How can one be assured that after dragging it till the destination, peace would be found???? Will all the bruises be for nothing???? The inner layer of the body now feels in a comma, i wonder if it will be able to reach out its way.

Can any one of you out there answer me as to how will it feel if suddenly you came to know that instead of two months, six months of your life have been taken away ? Will your soul still be your companion?????

To that and nothing happy I leave to you this piece in the very hope of any one of you who shares a mutual feeling out there with me, its here, that you will find peace.

So(u)litude… Will we be ever able to bring the souls together to make one single altitude to reach to the height of those buildings, hence our relationship ??


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