Unawakened Mornings

The rays of the morning sun that encompasses the blinds of my room to scream all over my soul that eagerly wants to wake me up when all I want to do at that time is scream back even louder than those rays that are lighting up the entire nation that my soul will still remain unawakened.. It’s not just the violet rays that I want to revert back with, they are all sorts of dark solid colors that has no protection…. So powerful that it can make the sun go blind…

It’s like I leave behind my soul on bed every single morning when I leave for work… It’s just lying there under the covers when my body is spaced out around his location. Correction : ex-location.

When there is no sleep in the night, how can it anyway be a morning ?? Forget good. It’s just a pale, formal, unwanted, itchy, dull morning that doesn’t want me to move. Nothing at all gives me a motivation to scrap my face out of the pillow. It’s so deep in it that the eyes still feel that it’s night…

The birds are not cherpy anymore.. They are crying every morning just like my soul. So they, along with the soul, are only dripping tears. The trees don’t bloom, nor is the sky blue! No inspiration, no enthusiasm, no happy faces…

So as I was saying, my soul pushes my body away and hence my body leaves the soul just like the leaves leave the trees to fall and stress the Earth even more , the petals from the flowers just keep falling one by one making surroundings uglier by the morning… The soul , it doesn’t even move, I wonder why the body does. All the time, this is the reason why I keep feeling lifeless. It’s because my body carries no soul. All it carries is the heaviness of the waiting … the burden of one-sided desperate Love… the suffocation… the hunger….

Just like my soul, even the dreams in my eyes remain unawakened… How can there possibly be any dreams when there is no sleep ? When the eyes don’t shut for even a second?? When they just end up drowning in the tears??? Many dreams are found on my pillow covers that came out in the night, ones that fall off in the form of my tears…. Just like feathers keep shedding from the birds on such mornings, just like me they lose their grace, they look a little less pretty by the day, they get rid of their USP every single morning. The morning is more like mourning… What’s the point of even brushing the teeth or cleaning yourself up or wearing clothes??? What are these mornings bringing ???

The only motive I see of these culprit mornings is that they separate loved one’s from being together. Every guy leaves for work and leaves behind the person who loves him the most : grandmother/mother/sister/wife/girlfriend. Most women leave too, leaving some loved relation behind… The mornings are only meant for separation! How evil is that !!!!

And look how time plays the wittiest role in all this… When it’s time to separate in one country, it just brings together every one in the country far off!

Who made this system any way ? If nature did so, it really couldn’t be more wrong… Because in such a way, all the birth proofs from the hospital of when a child is born is wrong. What time do they consider ? Why does the time depend on the country that you are born in ?? This means that no particular time for anything ever is correct. Not of birth and definitely not of death… Is it that our lives have just been a big lie all this time???? The two countries can’t even celebrate the same festival on the same day. One’s celebration is others silent working day.. Cruel! Cruel!! Cruel!!! The people in Love apart can’t even live with the very feeling that they are being part of the same festivities at the same time.

Ideal mornings are those when you wake up right next to the soul that you are mate with. Why don’t they make such a rule ?? Every time when YOU wake, I wake ??? Such mornings would want me to wake up unlike the being dead , not being able to see a fresh new morning at present.

Why can’t every morning be your sight to watch ?? Why can’t we pamper ourselves in the same plate of breakfast, when no clothes will matter, when kissing wont require any effort, when the same toothbrush be brought to use, when the baths are gonna be as bubbly as my cheeks, when both the souls be wide awake to meet again, when our eyes will be the only thing to drown in, when the alarms would be your bite on  my ear, when cuddles will bundle us together with joy, when we will welcome the sun the way it’s meant to be, when both our faces be only HAPPY!

Let me open my eyes and see you one fine morning..

Think about it…

Awake this bouquet of imagination….

Your’s Soulfully


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