Darkest lights from the colourless soul

It’s hard to even write right now with all the voices surrounding me. No not the crackers, the voices of pain and suffocation accompanied by sheer loneliness and all I have right now in front of my eyes is a picture of her. A picture so vivid that I can actually see all the dark lights reflecting from her eyes. I can see her curled up in her bed as she’s looking out the window, she’s praying but her prayers are empty. She nods to voices inside her head slowly, trying to make her self believe that she’s doing ‘fine’.

Only the cries are left from the fights she has fought in the past. The scars are everywhere because of that. It’s killing her now as even her cries are mute because of the vacuum of emotions that is surrounding her soul. No one can hear them, she’s screaming but there’s no sound. Waiting for someone to open the door and just hold her for eternity.  The soul is being rotted out in the salinity of her blood.

Oh wait, I see her again, she takes another puff for her soul to breathe. Just stop there, you! STOP! take a deep breath, leave that blanket, it’s bleeding as your nails are dug so deep into it. Take your face out of that pillow that is drenched in your tears. If you see up you’ll know your face is shining brighter than the lights. That your soul is beautiful and you will always be in my prayers. The sun will shine but this time it won’t rise from east but from within you.

Hang on lover, you’ll see the light again. Hang on lover, you’ll start to feel again. Hang on, my soul.

-P (forever)





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