Stapled Chunks Of The Broken Heart

When you feel that everything inside you is scattered into a million pieces floating all around, reaching different corners of your body , coming in contact with all organs, poking them in a really painful manner, and you are too much into denial to even give a lost glance to it, it bleeds, makes a clot in your heart, the residue just travels finding more space to reside in and suddenly in the same process the eyes get red, the bruises form a bridge for the battle between the soul and the body to get started, both fight like complete warriors every night, the soul wants to give it another day while the body wants pure death, and the body is so weak that is loses the war every time with the rise of the sun. The soul then just picks up all the pieces of everything that is lost in the battle and some how adjusts them to be together, sticks them and staples it. Nothing less than a thousand marks of the pins that get stapled are found on the heart, that in some way it gets fixed and starts functioning properly.. but the soul forgets that the increase in the number of marks is the sign of the heart only getting weaker, the crumpled, rotten heart that barely has any blood to pump, is now stumped under the pressure of those pins….

While the heart rests in pain, the ghost of all the sadness in the world brings a bag full of salt and sprinkles it thoroughly all over the bruises and every single time when a single particle comes in touch with the wounds, they emerge as tears from the eyes, dust from the lungs, smoke from the liver, broken shaky segments from the heart and a burst of memories from the past from the soul which splashes out huge chunks of the most wonderful times spent together and those chunks then cause Love Trafficking. It’s the most illegal approach to love, absolutely unfair, because nothing in the air in or around me is ready to think of those memories, so it makes it impossible for the existence of the body or the soul. Even suffocation feels like pleasure at the time.. I then throw up such wasted memories! Wherever I go, I have to be extremely careful to not to run into any such gang that would be doing the Trafficking of Love for him. No song, no place, no where I could find a peaceful place to survive in, they are all around, on every red light, some of the memories are poisoned but I still see them. Where do I stop ? Whom do I wait for ??

All the chunks (of memories) that are then pinned together (to the heart) are then distributed to all the parts of the body, the brain the most and the brain then circulates it to the deepest portions of the soul which in turn gets the vibe to fight every night all over again because it wants to live for all those memories, because it can’t take that all of it is just gone like that, because it wants it all back and still hopes for all the broken images captured from the past make a beautiful collage. The soul wants to then frame this collage on one of the biggest walls of the future home that would have him and me as residents and it wants to come out as an ultimate warrior…

I know I don’t have a pinch of strength left in me but if I someday get to see a glance of him or his shadow somewhere in the crowd, I would knit all of my inner self with every drop of blood that stains and make a flawless future out from it not caring if that leads to the end of the journey of my life because at this point, carrying this huge chunk on my shoulders is only getting tougher, I see the body bending everyday a little and the bump is the only thing on the rise now!

Stop all this R! Just bring a stop to all this already. Every bone in my body is only waiting for you to come and fix every crack in it. I don’t know for how much longer will I be able to take it, so you just have to come and take this loathe off of me. Set my soul free, bring our hearts together because only that can heal it..

Staple OUR eyes together.

Staple OUR fingers together.

Staple OUR hearts together.

Staple OUR bodies together.

Staple OUR souls together in the chunks of the memories yet to be created.

Staple the distance between US together forever.

Staple OUR futures together!

And hence, staple OUR NAMES TOGETHER!


PR <3<3


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