The Numbing Bird

The paralyzed soul thats hanged to life. The frozen eyes. The drugged horizon of the body lying down straight. The senseless brain.

Zero responses. Failure in recollecting whats yours. Yelling in the ears of a dumb person. Displaying the most colorful nature in front of a blind person. Singing with no tongue on the top of your voice.

The sucked up blood that is sprinkled on the walls of the heart which has made a rangoli of a dying princess.

Salt on the wounds is the only thing giving pleasure. Handicapped knees crawling to him. The suicide note getting closer to be completed by the day.

The sun rays now emerge as a destructive source to ruin the nest. The cherpy birds have now experienced death. Their little ones have fallen from the edge. Thrown, stepped by on the ground, cut off wings, blown away by the winds..

The burnt emotions. The let down dreams. The impractical vision. The fear of facing the reality that exists no more. The price tag on tears teared off.

The obsession growing the size of my heart causing more pain. The planted thorns in my chest watered by tears every day. The fractured fingers playing tunes to my sorrow.

The pressure of depression pressing the weight of my fatal fears to kill the zeal inside me. The pain of vagina that breaks every month is now a treat and can be used to decorated my tomb.

The fallen leaves on the ground now are as lifeless as me here. The sweat from being torn down is the perfect fortune.

One by one, each and every layer of the body getting pealed of with every sentence that he utters. The strength to shut him up is vanished with my voice box, heart, soul, lungs…..

Like funeral happening in Disney land, breakups happening right in front of Eiffel tower, rejections happening on The Empire State Building, heart breaks happening at The Taj Mahal.

The flaws in our stars just laughing at me. Bullying me. Taking away the spark from the eyes away from me.

For every drop of rain that touches anywhere on the body is now converted into fire slowly burning the pages of my life down. The BLOG now turning into my death will deciding the share of poverty of love of my unborn kids..

Like the tiniest insects which are trying to find a way to a hole scrolling from my feet and making there way up are only crawling on my scalp sucking away the blood causing tremors of unstable love. The hands that shake only when I try to breathe…

The sickness causing asthma, vomits, body pain and what not is only leading to destruction of the soul because of the high residing in the lids of the swollen eyes in turn making them blind, making them dry!

Soul being raped, smiles being faked, life at stake, troubled by fate, in the process of wait has made life hell in today’s date . The buried wrath has its third month anniversary today and the coffin still feels like the cover of a magazine from centuries back because no one has visited it all this time…

My own nails scratching the peals of the soul off every night, no clothes on the body wishing to leave the way it came, the blanket has zero movement, glanced from far above, it will look immortal but still being dead in the position of hugging him.

Blading off a nerve tonight was the only thing left to do for the sake of existence, a reminder to self was necessary in order to live in the days to come. The fallen drops of blood has made a garden in his tribute, my tears go to play there everyday . The blood and tears mingle well… though the blood stinks of sweat that can’t wait any longer.

You want to know the highlight of the day though R ? I met your guard of the gate today, he was only feeling sorry for me, I sat and had a bite with him.. It made his day and mine too being closer to your premises talking about you… Funny thing was that i kept looking in the direction from which you used to come and he noticed and said he won’t come, right there, i got numb!

(no more words…..

Happy Anniversary 3 months. And if you want to make something numb , then numb the pain….


And may this bracket never be closed ..


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