Competing With The Curfew!

The 11th hour! The most crucial time of all to pay attention to the unattained emotions. When the time is following you wherever you go.. The darkest nights with not a light to follow, a complete black out in front of your eyes.. You are impaired of all the possible reflexes.. The deadline.. Quite literally ———-

Like your soul has been ordered to be statue not knowing when will it be over! The preposterous regulations until dawn. The fall of your body along with that of the day. The spark that is lost. The dullness is the only thing constant….

Have no where to be. Even the candles wont last and blow off immediately, no source of light! Just the dark and you hear all kinds of stray mourning down the street. The scared heart to itself … No hope! The dying religion.. The falling leaves… The drained away beauty of the nature. Like the end of the world.

Where you can’t even recognize your close ones, the ones who love you, because its pitch-black. So you can’t see them! Even though they are there but you are so blinded by the obsession and depression and madness of the very silent yet a night that shouts out mites! The mites that will eat all of you and no one will know because everyone is indoor. The mites that will then be eaten by cats and in turn dogs and so on.. No one will ever know where you disappeared in the twilight and time will still travel and make its all the way through.

Getting back home is the best possible solution as one of you may debate, but where is home ?? What to do with a home that has no shelter, no roof, no food, no water. Nothing as basic as air.

He is Home!

I am the potential buyer.. In books, on paper, everywhere. It is where I belong. That is the only place out there to get me safe around all the curfew! Even in this darkest space, i am all dressed up, waiting for you, wanting to be undressed, to be crowned up. Nothing. Not even this night can take the beauty you see in me away . From an outer space, you will only see me lighted up for you.! Phew!!!!!

So yes, these arms, this body, even my hair, are not safe in this injunction till I am rescued home… I don’t wanna run away from this nasty little place for crying out loud. I wanna be a permanent resident here if its not for him.

What will be the point of all the gala ? The life ?? The lights ??? The muse ???? I as it is feel like walking dead in an even dead place. The more everyone around me gets invisible, the more visible my tears become to him. The sound of only my heart is audible in a rescript.

SIGNALING : I keep sending him all kinds of signals through the breath I take, the fingers I move while writing this, the legs that are too restless to walk, the eyes that are getting closer to close by the day, the machine inside of me that roars his name, the lips that are let dry. Even the nails on my fingers are only growing for the hope to reach him and get that touch after all.

In the world that is getting older, my love for you is only getting younger by the day. When the most negative environment can’t let my feelings down for you, then I don’t know what will. I throw splashes of water on me after all the dirt that gets in the pores of my skin after a long day everyday, and now I have even started hating that. I don’t even want water to touch any of me. Nothing can except you….!

The organs that are alive in such a ruthless condition are only because you touched them at some point. The alarms are always on, so close to my brain, but the only voice that enchants straight up is that of your’s!

The very reason why my heart is still functioning is because of this one thing that i realized quite recently. It being : YOU!

YOU ARE THE BIRTHMARK TO MY HEART. The very core of it. Exactly why the curfew couldn’t harm it or me. I have you inside of me R! There is nothing less or nothing more that I would ever want in addition to it.

I wish that all my signals some day some how reach you very soon and you get me out of the time that keeps laughing at me, the darkness that keeps hiding me, the thunder that keeps haunting me, The CURFEW that keeps killing me.

Probably it just wanted me to get to you before the world around me blacked out. Probably your cocoon was the best place to be in before it hit me. Probably I should’ve been home (YOU) on time. Probably……

Your mark all over me and my birth in this universe are co-related.

Curfew locks up all the doors in me , but the one for you will always be open.


Just. Come.


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