The Weightage Of The Wait..

Maximum Marks : 10000

No. Of Questions : 10000

Each Question : 1 mark

All Questions are compulsory

Each Question has an Option . Tough call on which one to chose

Time Limit : LIFE!

Each question comprises of the following :

(i) Burden/Pressure

(ii) Anxiety

(iii) Pain

(iv) Shattered moist liquid down the eyes

(v) Tension

One Question Paper everyday till he comes back!

So this would practically mean that 10000 questions multiplied by 5, which means a set of 50,000 parts of my brain/body and soul, for each day. 2 months and 2 weeks for now which means 50,000 multiplied by 93,000,000 and even this number seems less with the amount of weight I feel on my soul. Why so rotten ? Why so hollow ? Why so enormously painful this weight! Its the kind of weight thats digging me down inside the floor.

Like that bucket thats always tied around a well, which is thrown down to bring the water for consumable purposes, the only difference here being that I am carrying the weight around, I am the one drowning in that well and I am the one being consumed! Such heroic multi-purposes by one soul without a substitute is draining all the energy away.

The Weight is Aging (weight-age) and so am I but waiting for him still feels so freshly wounded. Like it was just scratched through my veins. And the blood still has miles to flow.

It already is over-weight but still keeps gaining more of it and can be measured by time at any point. More time would mean more weight! wait! Its like a malnutrition labour carrying hell load of bricks to a building is so taller than The Empire State Building, but imagine some one who is fed with no food or water for several days, except the mixture of the sweat. blood and tears that enter through the lips, how far off can that person carry those bricks to make the architecture look flawless???? But she still does, she does

For the wait is the beauty of their Love.

For the weight will make her to the top in all the exams.

For the wait is pure.

For the weight will set them free.

For the wait that will actually make them wait for a moment there and hug!

For the weight will mean adding more weight to their Love.

For the wait will lead us to a Happy Beginning.

For the weight on his shoulder will only be me, my arms around them and him carrying me.

For the weight , will brings out body weights together!

But for how much longer is the weight going to age ??? I don’t want it to grow. I don’t want it to live. I wish it dies and so does the distance that prevails between your eyes and mine. I wish that I could match our footprints from the time when they were seperating .. I wish I could collect all that sand as a difference between us and reach out to you !

The wait has the weightage of the investment of my entire universe, my galaxy, my inner core, my deepest scars, my loneliest night, my low bow, my even heavier breathes, the breathes that are too difficult to take now, the jitters in the worst way possible, my hormones that keep switching like a fluctuated bulb, my temper that goes out every other second, my so called patience that has never been more impatient before, the rains that are too afraid to touch me, the winds that can’t slide through me, the fits in my soul that are alarmed every time my phone pings for a sight of your message, the membrane that is now only traveling through my emotions, the trip that is nauseating to even think of sleeping!

I promise you that there is more to it. Just the words in my brain seem to stop since it already is carrying a lot of weight which absolutely can’t wait now.

Will you just show up from somewhere now ?????

I don’t know if it will require a magic trick for you to pop-up but just come already. The tears are building an ocean now..

Always know that the one whole sole reason for my soul to be fond of this weight of wait is because it is for YOU. At least it has you in some form.


And the one time i wish i could’ve ever used this word right was when you turned around to leave … R???? WAIT !!!!!!!!!!





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