Dictionary Meaning Of Being Fine


Making my soul live forcefully now, the air that resides within the soul is going through asthma it seems! The puff can only be found in his breath now!! The nose can’t smell a thing anymore, nor can the eyes see colors, the taste buds have bid adieu too.. It’s like they always had a password : his smell, his eyes deep right into mine, his lips respectively. I feel numb. The only place where I want my eyes to live in are the tears now. Yes you read that right. The body to live in the soul. Rain to come from the grass. Sun to come in the night. Walk backwards. Swim in the dessert. Basically want the impossible to happen! I already am drowning inside of me the deepest of the oceans rather that getting drowned in one myself.

When the more you drink water, the more thirsty you get! The more you sleep, the more sleepy you are. The more you try to stay strong, the weaker you get. The more patience you hold on to, the more anxious you get. The more you hold on to those tears, the more the flow from those pupils. The more you run, the further the destination gets from you. The more you paint, the more colors fade away from your life. The more you sing, you lose the vocal cords down your throat. The more you try to fly, the more you fall. The more you claim that you are alright, but you are not! The more you live, the more you want to die! That’s being FINE!

Imagine a bullet, passing straight through you but still not killing you or a big fall but still not hitting the ground because the pain wins over gravity or being eaten by a shark but still wanting to get out to reach him ~ That’s just fine. Because even if you are encountered by any of these, you won’t be as harmed as you are at this moment. 

Being Fine is like a fine on your own self. A fine that includes all sorts of taxes , that is so expensive that no amount of money can pay it. Its like going to the most expensive hotel and eating the most expensive food and throwing up all over but yeah you got to pay the bill.! So, you are not fine, but still you pay that fine. Exactly like right now! I don’t feel like talking, smiling, getting up, moving, even the slightest movement in my body kind of kills me, I don’t even want to breathe, but I gotta, because it’s fine!

The precision of the whole scenario is so well embroidered that it looks the prettiest thing on the outside but who knows what amount of pins, and knitting has gotten into it to make it look that way! Foe hours, days and months, it was worked on. All sorts of pointy pins were inserted in it to look that way, but it’s fine if it looks that way! Ehh?

I feel worst than that lamb thats cut during the festivities of Eid, at least it’s fed well enough to be eaten, I’m like so weak but still the surroundings are eating me up but its Fine as long as I am not complaining, wow!

“I’m going to go, and make everything Fine.” He said

“Our future will be Fine too.” He emphasized

Is it ?????

No! It’s an illusion. The most unexplained word in English language that has surpassed all the attacks of emotions since the evolution of mankind. It has done a lot of damage and today I feel like the biggest victim of the same.

I feel like I am wrapped in a curtain and I can’t find the opening of it and I am stuck but it’s fine because no one cares. Like I am holding a candle and the hot wax is falling all over my hand but i need to provide the light so its fine. Like i am the fire, burning houses, but its fine because thats what i do… It’s simply fine!

Similarly, I am so further away from you but it’s fine because I have no way out but to live with it . Wrong! I can die. 

But then, when you are really helped out of the process. Gestured and for one second out there, you are really fine! You feel precious! You feel worth something! It won’t really make you feel that way for more than a second but that second might just be enough. Enough to make it through your day, through this post and through the very image of this post.


You need to FIND me in order to make it all FINE! This pain is so exhausting that if it was really for me, the word Fine would’ve lost its life from the dictionary. Its the most understated, negative, the word that leads to the maximum number of mis understandings in this world.!!!!!

It is just getting into fashion now. It comes with various emoticons to look even better but the more add ons to it, make it worse! Sometimes it tries to fool you really bad but its a warning for all to not fall for it at any point in time. Its the biggest lie of the century trust me!

Being really fine is only going to happen in your arms, because that is going to last for all the remaining seconds in my life! For that will hold us still! For that will make me be happy for once and for all and that might be the time for me to register this very word in my name :



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