The Border Of Freedom!

A wish to fly, to be free, the smell of independence, such a merry 2 days ago! What a celebration! The colors that hold India, the undying spirit, the thrill, the vibes that brought the entire nation one, the sky having all kinds of colors, the madness, the kites wanting to go beyond the sky, the love for the country, ..

Yet not powerful enough to set me out of the cage!

In all the celebration, the twitching of the wings wanting to get out of that cage was like slow death. Wanting to get out of there and step closer to the border in need of reaching out to him was more towards being independent.. , so much for the tenor of Independence!!

Yet I felt like I was residing in the painting of some artist!

Like the only place I was happy in was someone’s drawing in some part of the world, because he kept me right next to him and thats all. Trapped in that art work! Still! No movement! Probably a drop of paint trickling down my eyes that went un noticed in all the other colors that were being celebrated that day!!!

Yet I felt like a mannequin outside a well lit fashion store!

When everyone stepped in to shop for the festivities, I stood there tricolored, wearing the zeal all over myself, but unachievable, the entire world came in, but my freedom didn’t. So I stood there expressionless between all the smiles. Some wanted to take the clothes off of me, but no one wanted to take me home!!!!

Yet I felt like a television per say!

Projecting so many emotions of sovereignty, of liberalization in 100’s of channels that switched through me but still couldn’t project that one particular emotion I actually possessed.

Yet I feel like a scar !!! A big scar on someone’s wrist probably ..

So stable yet the only thing that has a free flow through it is blood ! It’s not the scar is at one place just like my body but the blood flows just like the rush inside me. Regaining and reliving the spirits of Independence for crying out loud.

And how could I ? He was not a part of the country’s freedom that day so how could I even think of being a part of the same ??? How can my country be free if its not for him ??? I cancelled it out. I was feeling more of a slave than ever. Suppressed by the pressure of celebration .

What is Independence I asked? How exactly was our country free ?? The population of India doesn’t even have the freedom to be happy when they want to, not beg if they don’t want to, not go to the office next day if they don’t want to, not get sick if they don’t want to, not hold a grudge against each other , not split if they don’t want to. In my case, marry the one I really want to. We are all just slaves to something or someone somewhere so why fake the freedom ???? What is it that we are free from ???? The expenses each day kill us, so does the heat! I mean just wanting to put up a perfect show for the sake of freedom ate me up the entire month prior to the dam day at school. So ? Is this a healthy freedom? I doubt.


Conclusion 1 : The freedom is only present in the womb of a mother is what I conclude looking at it all, because you have no idea what you are gonna get into the second you get out of there, out of the closed freedom. In the books you might be getting yourself free but according to me, you are just entering the subjection. Thats the place where the actual freedom lies.

I felt thoroughly bad from deep within when I looked at the army of soldiers, not just that day but every time when I do. They are away from their loved ones, not even so much as even a contact with them for months, their wives, children, fighting! How and what makes them do so ??? They are the only ones that are actually born with super-natural powers! Not batman or superman. They are doing all this for the sound sleep of people they don’t even know or will not probably ever meet. So my salute to them. Living away from the family is something I don’t think any of us can even think of.

Conclusion 2 : When you enter this world, the next place for me to find freedom would be his arms, when he holds me in his arms, thats the tightest freedom I could ever imagine. Not even clothes binding us. Just the bodies coming together so stiff that even the air can’t pass through, thats the suffocating freedom I love. Sweating through it… Not having such a feeling from months/years is something that always admired me of them, so a big salute to the army^

I felt like a handicapped personnel myself in the urge to fight the border to get through him. I wanted to break all the barriers that came in between for the freedom I craved for. I wanted to jump that border to get to his arms of freedom. I would use all the weapons that I possibly could to get there, I would be the one man army to the Independence of my dependence. For how long should I keep sitting on the border through all the weathers that change and no food ? I want to break it all to get to you in any way possible now.. I can’t take this war any more.

Time to team up! Time to be together on any one side of the border! USA has had their freedom and so has India this year..

Yet we haven’t secured that of ours being very much a part of so.

So what kind of freedom was it till our souls are not set free from within ????

An a’R’my to ‘P’eace is what I oath for this In”dependence!”

Let the power of love overcome the love of power!

Cross the border and come to your family my soldier 🇮🇳  ♥️ 🇺🇸


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