The Wait Awaits….

24 hours a day means 168 hours in a weak which means 730 hours a month which in turn means 8760 hours a year which would in turn mean 87600 hours in 10 years.

But, what does one do when every second of the day feels like a DECADE ? Quite literally! When every second is only haunting you to the core that you might lose yourself any second., that the time is poking you. The need of the hour is chasing the the present time to cure the pain inside you.

Who measures the time ? We all know that one minute consists of 60 seconds but what about one second ??? How does one really know about what a second comprise of ????

I feel like I am hitting a century every second and still losing by 876000 runs. The more I am fighting, the more I am falling behind.

I don’t know how exactly is the entire day passing me by because the value of every second for me is more than one could imagine.

For now all i know is that one single second is consisting of my tears, my unanswered questions, my heart who is always in a hope to see him come in, my fears, my weaknesses. At least thats how i measure them. At least that’s how I measure it…

When those seconds turn into days and months, I see my self turning into a psychotic monster who scares all those around her including her own self the most. That creature just keeps getting bigger and more powerful that its eating up everything inside me.

Every single time when i look at the time on the clock during several instances of a day, those three needles seem like three swords trying to kill me. They are so pointy, they don’t even wait for me to recover from the previous pain and just keeps moving.. And if it really is that fond of moving forward all the time, then why can’t it speed up a bit more ? Why can’t it bring him to me ??

What is the TIME trying to tell ???

Sometimes i wonder that its playing a game of hide and seek with every one individually. It can’t be a coincidence that when one is happy, it passes by too quickly and when one is deeply sad, it sticks! Its just swinging us all off like that pendulum that keeps hanging below it.


“Only Time will tell.” What is it exactly that the time is trying to tell ??? When will it tell us ? Is it telling us all something already but we are too worked up to listen to it ????

The very slight noise that vibrates through the needle that denotes seconds, is that the time speaking ? How can we listen to it ? Does the entire world have to come at peace at the same time and same place with utmost silence to actually listen to it talk ???? Will that be as they say “The Right Time?”

But what about the soul ? Is time not seconding what the soul wants ???

I sometimes envy Time because it has such a strong opinion that it will keep moving on no matter how much you get attached to it. Just like the way he slipped off through my hands, thats exactly how time is. Just like sand.

But then, how ???? How is it that at such a high speed, i can feel every tiniest bit of it ??? I find my self living in the memories from the past with him and the new ones I am yet to make with him, but the time in the present keeps reminding me of his absence that keeps haunting me day and night.

As the tears fall down my eyes every night and the pain boils up in blood just like right now, i again give a glance to the time and wish that he comes and embraces me up in a way that it feels like a MILLENNIUM JUBLIE!

One thing that i have learned so far is that, its not the Time that is ever worth it, its the person who makes it that way! For me, YOU!!!

Come before the weakness explodes, before bad becomes worse, before eyes lose their sight in you wait, before hope becomes despair, before colors turn black, before water turns dry, before sir shuts down, before voice breaks down!!!



Because this weight (wait) is making my soul heavier by the day, because every fraction of me is much more accurate than any fraction that the second owns.




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