The Crooked Truth

In this huge wide world where love is only considered to be a myth, except for the fact that exceptions are always there , what are the chances of exceptions existing in exceptions ??? If we consider that In a probability of a 0.00001% chance of meeting someone you really cant afford to live a second without , will it mean that there will be an exception to that too?? What will be the exceptions to this 0.00001% ? What will be the chances of a great exception to take place in the world of even greater expectations ? Is that what they call miracle ??? In other words , what I mean is that since the chances of finding someone was an exception in the first place, does it mean that it will never be an easy to conquer love ? And out of the many more exceptions, there might be a possibility that you may not end up with that person at all ??

Are there exceptions to Soul Mates too???

Is this why it’s always considered a sin to have expectations from these exceptions ???

Are the expectations and exceptions having a crooked relationship????

Harder exceptions would mean higher expectations now is it ?????

In all this , what should be our plan of action ?? Should the road map be twisted too? What angle will be the perfect one ???? Will it mean the humping of our Soul ????

Why are we always mentally so hooked to the crooked truth ??????

Sometimes I feel like running, literally and keep at it till the end of the world , not catch a breath , and just lie there somewhere waiting for him to show up in order to witness the thirsty/exhausted/lifeless side of me. Probably that will get my mind off this the distorted truth. But before we jump to find any solution/way to this opaque end, what will be the roads like ?

Are the roads reminding us of the unsynchronised illusions of expectations and reality ????

Come to think of it , there are always bumps on it , sharp turns, edges , and it’s never a straight one. Curves are what makes the roads a little less prone to accidents , but does it mean that even our Soul should bend over too ????

That the soul that we contain must wait and have patience through all the honking/traffic and pollution before we get to it ????

Talking about roads , DISTANCE plays another important role to a weaker soul now isn’t it ????

Today I feel like I am representing expectations and he is representing exceptions! Because every single time when I push myself into him , he just seems to be a little more further away than what he was .

The time is the crooked of all is my conclusion of it.

This reminds me of titanic ! It reminds me how unexpectedly it was the most crooked sight to watch in the history of love! So much for the expectations…

But then , everything said and done , what is it that we should do ? Should I be setting an alarm when the right angle is gonna bring both us together ??? I know one thing for sure that , there might be exceptions all the way but not one to his soul . That cant be replaced . It is like it’s there where I will find a beginning to the new world .

Even after so many years , when I look at him , there still is so much to explore probably that’s the exception in him. He is an exception to man kind . He fixed the contorted me.

Lets just fix the both of us with just one crooked ring to set a thrawn to throne !

Let us make an exception of our own to give birth to a whole new set of expectations and that be the truth to the history of love .

I cant wait any longer .. lets build a new road cut short the distance between us! The distance which is so crooked that it has a power to consume the both of us.

Let there be an exception to time travel/birth/magic/craze/fumes/madness/ sparks/distance/celebration and let all of it come meet us in one sole moment to cherish for a lifetime of expectations !!!

Let us find a trick to the tricky love because the very phrase “falling” in love is tilted.


One thought on “The Crooked Truth

  1. You seem to be facing a turbulent time dear friend…it is quite natural to come across dark alleys, which we have to cross alone. All questions get their answers slowly as we learn to accept life, flow with its current and forgive those who hurt us. Since I write about all these topics, you may find solace in my words. My books discuss all this.
    There are no short cuts to life. Everyone has to take the same route and it is often thorny. πŸ™‚


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