The Trauma That Tickles

“A phenomenon where one giggles through the pain ….”
In a world where people want everything that is perfect , just as simple as a perfect day , it really is not when it comes to achieving it, you know when you just put a smile on your face to go through that day, to pretend that you are happy but are you really ? ? If you are fortunate enough , you will end up finding a good day to yourself but even then it just wont be as perfect , because there will be one bad thing that will happen and at the end of the day , that will be stuck in your head ! Or if the luck really favors you against all the odds , then you might just really end up finding the perfect day .. But ,
Question : How and Why are we thriving for a perfect life when something like a perfect day is so hard to achieve ?? Is there a single person in the whole world who has ever achieved the perfect life ? Then why are we putting so much pressure on our lives for the same ?? Is the hype of an A1 life to have really worth it ? Are we learning nothing from the experiences of the experts ???? Why are we still fighting the race ??? Even the richest person in this world wont have the perfect life ! So are we blind ????
Probably because its the purity of the Soul gives birth to this fantasy called Hope ! For instance ; The reason why when the heart is so fragile and still makes it self stronger, is Hope ! Why when a family loses “the main” in a war down at the border , they still don’t stop living this insane circus called Life, is Hope ! And its so strange that it does not matter what age group you belong to because it can be a child who fails a year and has to repeat the same year and of course he does it because of Hope to pass next year, and similarly when your grand mom cooks you the best food with her quivering hands so that you come back and visit her soon is because of Hope ! So the only thing which is common between all of us round the globe is THAT SOUL WHICH RAISES THE HOPE . No matter how different our cultures, our backgrounds, the places where we come from may be , this is the only thing which remains constant. And hence , it wont matter if you speak French or German or Spanish because in order to understand The Hope, there will absolutely be no need for a language .
If this is the case , then why do we stick to the bad part of the day and ignore all the good parts which were making it perfect ? Are we psychotic????
Damn right we are , at least I know that I am and I can feel it eating me too. From the past few days , every single time when I stand in front of the mirror , I see my self turning pale by the day , feel like raising the famous : “mirror mirror on the wall , who is the blanched of them all??” All I see are rough patches on my face that are making a route/path for him to come back . I don’t see my reflection in it anymore .., “The Mirror Law” scares me and I think that this is the reason why I am scared to stand in front of it to see my own self . Even my heart does not respond to me at times ….
Wait , so now I can connect the dots .. its because My Soul is far away from me ! Just because my soul is not inside me , I have become the worst enemy of my own self . My Hope ! My Power ! My Solution to all the anxiety ! My Strength to chip up and walk like I own this world ..!
ITS LIKE YOU ARE THE AQUA GUARD TO THE GROWING BACTERIA IN ME which needs to be killed right about now !
Because I have no idea on how Life is really working because it’s said that “life is too short” and yet it is gulping in everyone’s bodies and still growing in several other bodies. How can life be so lifeless ?? Its because of you that he is miles away from me , to bring me a “perfect life.” To bring us a “perfect life.”
Come back now , come and bring an end to this pain !
Let me draw you a map with a shortest route possible through my veins/nerves in my body,  just travel through my blood already and come back to where you belonged all along . 
To Life,
Kindly stop all suffering , the wars , the destruction, the illness. Be simple . Be life like like your name suggests because it’s because of you that the feeling that started off as ‘butterflies’ in my stomach have in today’s date converted to ‘traumatic tickles.’
Don’t think of it like I am putting all the blame on you because we are in the “Age Of The Downfall” but for the ones who deserve the real you , lift them up,  pick them and fill there cup.
I wish that You gel up with the light of Hope driven by the Soul and make this world a brighter place to live in . A place where perfect lies are as difficult to make as it is to make the burden full perfect life . 
Because imagine that you yourself are full of lies because there are are two statements that describe you the best and both of them condradict each other :-
1) Life is too short
2) Life goes on…. (no matter what, but life goes on …..)
Really ??????
Thanking you
Your’s Truly

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