Lights! Camera!! Relationship!!!

“All the world is a stage, All the men and women are merely players, They have their exists and entrances, And one man in his tim plays many parts.” – Shakespeare

If the above quote by the legend himself stands corrected, and that all of us are after all puppets then, the question is what’s our role ? If we are playing different roles in different stages of our lives, then who knows when to cut a particular scene ?? Who enters and exits your life ?? How do you know who is constant ??? If some one is your friend forever, does that mean that he is playing a constant role in your life in one take without any cuts ? Similarly, if you ever thought looking at a person that they are gonna stay in your life but they don’t, whats that ? A learning ??? And who is keeping the record of the entire screening ? Why is it that this stage called life so full of do’s and dont’s ?? Who is writing the script down ?????? Technically if we look into the matter, we all have faith/believe in God, i have trust on him like no tomorrow but at the end of the day, no one has seen him, no one has encountered a conversation with him, its all in books and stories.. The purest form of air that we know of resides in us and all of are very much aware of it. Experiments have been done on it, and it actually observed leaving a body so this is something all of us are really sure of, THE SOUL!!! If thats the purest form of anything at all residing in our own bodies, then whom are we taking instructions from ??? Can’t we take the control of the camera (our own life ) in our own hands for a change ???

In a relationship, when you know how much you love that person, and the hearts are literally exchanged, and so our the souls, is this the reason why we end up giving all the control to that very person ? Is this why we end up being so sired to him ??? Does he end up becoming our new director now ? So we invest in the production, we obey the rules, we put our hearts and souls to make it huge , we be patient for the success while the entire society ends up becoming paparazzi’s trying to click a flick away, all sorts of acts are done to bring us down, but what do we do ? Whats the key to a HIT SHOW ? How do we know if we are going to make it to the red carpet to finally win an oscar ??? Is this why there’s never no coming back from your first true love ? From a heart break ?? Is this the reason that its never possible to bring the pieces together and stand up with all the courage to face the audience ???? Does it get this difficult to face the spot light all over again ????? Is this why one is never able to move on ???? What is it that the audience look for ? How does one know ???

So next up, what happens when you are almost living with your partner day in and day out and he is directing you very closely, each and every expression of yours is observed closely, and you are directed on every movement, slips ? Becomes distant ? Leaves the country ??? The question is who exactly is directing you now ??? He can’t keep a watch on you from that far, so what about the investment (emotional+physical+financial) ????


Just hanging there? like a rope attached to a fan with no movement ???

Even if its temporary, is it fair to be dead for that much amount of time ???


And if it actually comes down to a one man show, then what is the hustle about ????

It is so crazy, sometimes i wonder that in the middle of this huge crowd of struggling actors/actresses, you actually end up with your HERO ???

He makes every day of your life a big hit, every fight of your’s so melodramatic, every time that you cry with him, even thats poetic, everywhere you go with him is a perfect location for the shot of LIFE! The only difference would be that it wont be reel but real that time and THE BEST FILM WILL COME OUT OF IT.

And trust me, when you actually do get on that stage, with a world full of audience watching you, millions of camera’s clicking you, and somewhere between a loud applause and a spotlight right on you, HE WILL BE THE BEST AWARD YOU WILL BE RECEIVING THAT NIGHT FOR A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT and you won’t even realize it but cleverly he must have already put a spot (black one) somewhere down your neck to save you from the eyes of the world, because his eyes will be the only spotlight on you that will matter.


7 thoughts on “Lights! Camera!! Relationship!!!

  1. I think loving someone does not need to require any proof. I mean, if we love, we just need to make sure that it is felt and understood by the other person as an act of love… 🙂

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  2. Love, like life, isn’t easy, but isn’t it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?
    I think how we perceive love, how we love and how we respond to love change as we grow older. Priorities also change. The butterflies are no longer as important as the comfortable companionship that comes from commitment and deliberate love, as opposed to in love. Keep loving. We all heal. And one day, all the pains are nothing but distant memories.
    I think you direct your love story. I direct my love story. All the best.

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