Locked out of Heart or Locked out of Home?

When your mind is entangled with numerous thoughts and its hard to pick the one that will be in the best interests for you , whom do you count on ? Is it the pulse that speeding up or the curfew time to get back to where you belonged ?? Does the flickering of the eye enough to take you in the wrong direction ?? Is the fear inside you controlling the heart, mind and soul ???? Why is it that the reflexes are so perfectly co-ordinated with the fears???? It gets me really perplexed to understand if we are locked between the apprehension.


Why is it that always you are supposed to pick one? Why can’t they both be synced just in the right amount of quantity to make a perfect dish called LIFE???

Is it just me or has it been the case with you too to fight a battle at HOME for your HEART ? What happens to the reflexes then ???? If they are so well trained since birth then why suddenly they are ready to fight the fears/the anxiety??? What brings the will to change in the address from Home to Heart ? Who knows if this residence is going to be permanent or not, but yet the willingness to face the twitchiness some how takes birth??

IS IT THE SOUL thats working in mysterious ways without hinting its talent to the world?

Has nothing changed from the centuries that prevailed to today ? Are we still nomads trying to fit in the perfect little Home that our Heart desires ?? Are we wonderers of our inclination ???

We keep the dearest things closest to our Hearts, then why and how do we get so drawn to the one who steals it? After all its the most precious one. It got me so full of my own thoughts that i wondered, which one to pick ? THE HEART OR THE HOME ?

Where would you like to trapped for the rest of your life ? Inside a Home that doesn’t understand you and crushes your soul but provides you with more than just luxury or inside a Heart that only knows to love and sets your soul free (post marriage)??

Is the generation gap just doesn’t mean the age difference but also the divergence between The Heart and The Home ???? When we have it all in our minds , then why is it entangled? Is it a victim of orthodoxsism? It may not even be word but fixes so perfectly with the rented mindsets of the society!

If money can buy you anything then why is the Ideal Home with no lost Heart so difficult ? How is it called a Home in the first place then ? Why the judgements for choosing the Heart after all ????

Answer : Being Locked in a jail behind the bars for the rest of my life would be better than Being locked out in “The Home” of skeletons ready to haunt you.

I mean its such a simple philosophy that if you can end up building a 1000 memories in one single room, then who needs a Full House ?? Is this the reason why getting married to someone called ‘Gamble?’

Why is the luck blamed for the jammed doors which are not ready to welcome you ???

Why can’t we just follow the path on drawn on our palms without questioning the ways of God, they don’t look as complicated now do they ????

As for me, i think that i already have chosen my Heart above everything a long time ago , and everyone except me knew that. Probably i was too scared to put it out of even a window. But the reason why i am able to tell this to all of you and specially to my own self is because of God for making me meet the person who had the key to my Heart and knew the road to follow his Heart since forever.

It wont be easy. But I will still continue to fight. In the tough times like today, I would still like to know that if one door is closing, its leading to the opening of the new one and I will keep fighting till not a single door is left to open.. Lets make a wish today and lock it in a lock key to confirm it forever..


Just how there is no lock without a key, I know God made you for me.

May the Hearts rule to make a beautiful Home.


P.S. : For every question, refer to the featured image of this post, every lock locked today is sealed for my blurred answers!!!


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