The Steep Slope

In life, there are times when we tremble upon a question very loud and clear in our heads: Is this, whatever we are about to do, right or wrong! My personal question.. why do we end up asking so to ourselves?? If we already knew the answer to it, then where did the question come in from??? If the answer stays in put, then what is the doubt about ???? Discovery? Probably we ask our very inner layer, our soul and expect it to take us to the right answer. Is that what we refer to as “gut??” Do we no longer aspire to ask any questions when we are happy? That reminds of God. That reminds me on how mostly when people are low on lives is when they ask for mercy, blames are pointed towards him., and since as they say that God resides in every human being, and we don’t know whether we should believe it or not but still not ignoring all the odds, ARE OUR SOULS, GOD?????? Is this why they are first at everything? First in entering our bodies and the very first ones to leave it? The first ones to get hurt and the first ones to mend it ? Is it keeping us alive? Is it really stopping us from the things that we do wrong? And if its really this powerful , then well, according to science, no one should do anything wrong but this is not a perfect world, we also know that every one makes mistakes. Small or big but they do. Is it so that while running on the crossroads of life, some times we lose our way/our path/our journey to where we actually wanna go and in turn make mistakes ? DOES IT TAKE US TO AN EDGY SCARY LOOKING DOWNFALL????? Do our souls get weak and do the wrong things at times too ?

Fighting with myself all along, i wonder if it was a right decision to let him go. Let him go and build our future knowing that the answer lies very much in the question but from time to time, why do i end up meeting my soul on a see-saw? Why do i never see myself on the top? Am i really that dependent that i always want him to lift me up ??? Why does it look so scary on this slope? Is the angle not right? Are we really doing the math wrong??? Why does my soul not compliment my mind.. And when all of it inside me goes off track on such a perpendicular path, whom do i raise the question to ? Is this why finding your soul-mate so important, because when you know that it fits just perfect, no road looks dangerous anymore, no slope seems steep enough, no hurdle blocks the way and no amount of strength can do them away ?? Like every one, does the soul feel the need to have a partner only because of this reason? Am i getting close to my answer, is this why its scary all the time? I knew i had him but i still let him go.. Do i wanna take this negative side of the road or should i try harder to fix the angle to know that the same road is getting us closer , that in the see-saw of life, from his end he is gradually lifting me up??? If one can lose their way this easy in life, does it mean that they can find the right route in the same manner ????? Does a simple swing like this built up as a roller-coaster in our minds???? Should we just keep following our hearts and souls to meet at a common point and make a balanced life????

So many unanswered questions but still somehow i feel like with every word out here, i am finding my answers, i don’t think that i am receiving them in my brain, but its going inside somewhere in my body, fixing things right up. Only if …. my soul …. meets that of his, and we share the sun and the moon at the very same time till eternity. It will probably bring a stop to my questions! And well here is my answer i guess. All we need to do is have the same time to observe the nature, which could be as simple as sharing a morning coffee no matter how steep the slope is, we will fall, we will get up, we will laugh it out, sometimes we will get hurt so bad that we  will cry but we still will be a big “WE” and that will cure all of it.

Lets let the LOVE > DISTANCE , for now! forever!! And why not ? If it could be in sickness and in health till death parts us then i have another clause to add to it! Sickness! Health! The Steep Limestone Cliffs! Till death parts us..!

So, do i take a decision of looking to the upside of this downfall?

I DO ❤

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