The Multi-colored Soul

Every day as they say is a new day. Every night that’s gone is bygone and every hour between this day and this night should be cherished to the fullest. But why do the souls transform with such days turning into nights? I mean how can one modify their inner self that often?? If last night was the greatest of all, how is that supposed to be forgotten the very next morning? I mean come on now, we were asleep!not dead.!!! Why are we taught and expected to bring such humongous changes in us that are humanly just not possible??? Do they really expect our souls to be extinct for those couple of hours (i.e. from the perfect nigh to the morning that followed it)?? Is the pressure of expectations so ponderous that even our souls can’t take it because according to me, souls are the most innocent and the strongest part of any human being. They are the ones who are at the minimal contact with the outside world and yet they control us! So this means that they are like new borns but they are supposed to change with every situation that comes along their way (since they are strong at the same time) that is obviously going to last for days or hours or minutes or even less than that for crying out loud!!! CONCLUSION: NEW BORNS WITH EXPECTATIONS!!! Are we loathing our lives on such a gentle system that has to keep converting into a brand new mechanism every now and then????? IMAGINE!!!!! This is the reason why one just can’t ever be constant. I understand that changes are important in life to scoop out the monotony but is it necessary that we keep changing with it too?? Why do we have to torture our souls to go through all the drama that happens 24 hours a day??? Why is it that we have made our souls so habitual to it that it seems impossible to find a way out of it ????????

I myself out here am a victim of it. I think every one of us at the same time across the world have only one thing in common and its the thinking of the fact that “we like to do things that make us happy.” Then why ? why and when does a simple sentence like this gets to be so hard? Have we accepted the fact that we always have to go through a rough patch in order to be happy?? Because happiness can’t be achieved until one is the saddest? What makes our souls in a dreadful/clumsy/annoying day to cheer up in one go ??? Who brings in these change of colors! I mean has this ever happened to you that this one second you were feeling like you are at a REHAB and the very next second its like boom! DISNEYLAND!!!! Who brings this change from off to on in our soul-arr-system??? Or sometime during the day you are this shit scared , locked in a dark room of your brain and you see this light from outside the window and faith in life is regained within a millisecond???? Or sometimes you want to cry so hard , its like you wanna die but then you get the best reason in front of you that makes you feel like you are going to die laughing???? That reason from me is about 7,291 miles apart ! The reason to my Disneyland, to my laughter, to my happy colors, to my happy soul. He is out there thriving for a second of “our happiness” to be accomplished. For our souls to have just the right color of love. But how can i express as to how hard is it to hold on to myself in the world where the only way to live is to let your soul live under the million shades of grey of expectations of judgements and no peace whatsoever. Its like my soul is inhaling all the colors of pollution and my environment friendly soul is scratching them all out . He is like my 911 number to save my soul when it gets on fire. I wish the collision of our souls in no time….. my soul master!

Come back now. With all the colors of love and fill my soul up with with the perfect red on my forehead!!!


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