Masking E̶m̶o̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ Pleasures

In the world where the total population of 2017 (April) was estimated to be 7,500,000,000. This would mean that there are 7.5 billion types of different souls living across this whole world suppressing there emotions pleasures at least for a some amount of years in their lives. I on the other hand along with the strike through emotions collaborated with the basic pleasures a body needs from time to time to make the situation and living worst for myself. The soul got trapped between the both of them and it hasn’t able to breathe from the past 15 years . My body regime, my emotions have been so uptight all this time! Two reasons for that.! My basic principle to do the obvious after marriage so that explains the frustration and my emotional side because no one out of this 7.5 billion individuals had the nerve to do so. Why did i always encounter guys who only wanted pleasure in exchange of my emotions???? Was there something so indefinitely wrong in me? Have i been really a shame to my soul ???? How has my soul breathed a fresh air ever? Well, that explains the smoke!!!! All hopes done and down, i was so absent about what my own mind/body/soul needed all these years, decided to be perfectly okay even if what is required to keep increasing the above mentioned population is NOT EVER DONE!!!!!!!

*Enters a man in my life* holding not really the same but kind of on the same page definition. I had finally met an individual i can trust all of my emotions, my fears, my hopes and aspirations with until i came across HIS TOUCH!!! It was for the first time ever my soul was welcomed on this planet. For the first time, a drug had infected me in such a way that a max of 10 blinks, and i was addicted to it. I wanted that touch to keep me alive. How often does one expect to come across such an individual in this world where everything is planned. How that touch became my home, i had no idea. Each and everywhere where they moved, it felt like they have started to pump blood on the right places, while my soul was turning pale, it came back to life! Like it was getting the right amount of water! Remember??? When the lips got closer, it was like i was started being loved by two people , him and my soul. He from the outside, soul from the inside! Things kept getting intimate and i have no idea when our souls swapped! It felt right , like nothing has before and thats when i understood that my soul wasn’t trying to love me from in there but it was trying to enter his body! Natural process isn’t it?? Then why??? Why couldn’t i ever spill about it even though it came into action 5 years after the relationship but there was never an urge! The touch did its work all right and so did the lips. I understood that there is no such thing as a good kisser after i had done it with him. It was clear that very instant that the more you like the person, the more you will fall in love with the way he kisses. It was like a current generated in my soul and i thought that either it will lead to the world beginning or the end of the world as spiced up in my head but it was nothing but completely normal. So all the fuss for nothing. I felt like the luckiest soul to have done it with the person i am hoping to get married but this post is specially for the beautiful and trapped souls out there who still hold this thinking and if you feel like it is effecting your bodies, and hence playing with your emotions then stop! I know it now and there is no harm as long as you don’t end up transferring souls across the town!

But now ? Now what??? Where does the need go now???? where is the urge?????? Why am i being so vulnerable to just hug him right now ????? Why can’t i see absolutely no control over my body????? Is it normal???? Is it really sick of my soul to cry out so heavily right now like there is no space??????? How crazy do u think it is to hold on to the crappy emotions right now even though my soul wants to crawl to him!!!!! How can i let him know though? What if he is busy! Why is it that emotions always come in the way of pleasure ? Can’t we work without them ????? Are our souls so sacred that they only want that one drug???? Is it the souls in our body that give rise to both emotions and pleasure??? Who wins??? Is it emotions for women and pleasure for men?? Is it so because women usually think from the left side of the brain because thats the emotional one and men think from the right side because thats the logical one??? What does the soul do when the brain functions? Oh wait, some other color maybe! Because souls have variety of colors so probably soul is just so blah color at the time. But when soul has this urge, how does it happen to control the streak????


Start taking the steps back already will you!? High time don’t you think? You are my high! Don’t you get it ? Drug me! My soul is infectious to you.

Let the wait be over!!!!!!!!


4.33 am : no sleep : soul awaits


7 thoughts on “Masking E̶m̶o̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ Pleasures

  1. “Drug me, my soul is infectious to you”
    I might not be the right person to answer or might not even have a correct answer but I feel body is just a cloth that a soul is wearing. Body pleasures are connected to our emotions and not our soul.
    Soul is eternal and connected with eace and is devoid of materials, pleasures, emotions.

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      1. Man your words mean so much you know. I myself did not know if they were really as good as you say them to be . Thanks , and feeling’s mutual about connecting with you too 🙂

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