Every time I miss you, my heart cracks a little!! </3

Why is the “soul” the most sacred place of all?? Why is it that i wanna store you right in it (i.e. soul) for decades to come??? Why do i want our souls to live even after we die???? irony right ?!!!! Why cant they live forever?? They are not the ones to commit any sins! They never do nothing wrong! The body does and the soul follows… but then why is the soul the very first air to leave??? Is it behind the bars being punished for something it did not do ???? Is it not gratified in there ???? Am i back to square one??? I guess yes. It only gets happy when its walking with the right soul on the right path at the right time. SUDDEN REALIZATION : Is the soul, throughout our lifetime, fighting inside our bodies in order to set themselves free? Does it really want the freedom that bad ??????????????? Have we forcefully tied it down with our bodies when they really don’t wanna be tied down? Are we sick????????

Oh wait, now i know! Does the heart want what the soul wants??? Is it true that both of them have a mutual understanding?????? Is the real can of worms in our soul and not our hearts? So when the soul mourns , the heart breaks, when the soul feels like touched, the heart beats like it never has before, when the soul is scared, the heart beats in a way that it wants to leave the body too, when the soul feels nothing at all, is that the point when you feel like the heart is numb, are the heart and soul having a plan ?? Are they playing with our brains??? So wait, this explains each and every crack in my heart, this explains how much pain my soul is going through every dam second of every day! Another thought! Are the diseases caused by lack of love? and not alcohol and cigarettes, are we puppets of our soul?? Probably yes, and i think that that’s exactly why every minute second of my life now is getting deteriorated. I MISS YOU! I miss like there’s no tomorrow and my soul is getting weaker. Its bringing a pain out in my heart. Both of them are together pinching me and its like thousands of corns and coming together hitting my soul causing a pain in my heart which can only be cured by a simple touch of yours. Come ! Just come already and embrace me like i’m the only girl in this world. Set my soul free with that of yours. Let our hearts beat together for once now. Lets make it all one! Lets not crib about the small things in life! lets compile them all to make it big. I want to touch you to fix my heart , each and every crack will be fixed as you slide your fingers through the pain growing in my body and let the cured heart in turn fix the broken soul in my body!!!!!!

Be the drug i want you to be. We can really live without the money. I can beg with you on the streets with you and make love to you right there without complaining!!! Hold me close. Just like you always have but just never let me go this time.

Let the soul’s be back to where they belonged. Come closer so that this distance can get shorter. Let me look in those eyes . Why don’t you????? Money WILL NOT be buried in the soil with our bodies but the time will if we waste it.

I love you

I miss you , and shit! My heart….. It again….. just cracked a little!!!!

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