No Direction, Craves for Destiny!

The soul! It is the purest form of every individual, it is always true to you so basically it knows all that you want more than you think you do and you are tied to it for life , once it departs, thats where one loses their existence. But how does one feel its presence? Just like air, you can’t touch it or observe it. The only way to know that its their within you is when another existing soul comes in contact with it, you can literally feel it unless it ends up becoming so powerful that you can feel it fighting.. fighting so hard to come out of your body with all the force to correspond with this extraordinary one of a kind another individual’s soul. Its like when nature begins to talk, it has different forms to portray its moods.. the winds, the storm, the rain, the heat, the hail, the snow and exactly like that a soul tends to do the same. Just like the air, it encompasses this entire feeling inside you in one go and does magic in several ways which is beyond anyone’s imagination. According to me its the most incredible feeling ever. Like it’s the closest route to heaven. But now the question arises that (talking about relationships here) , when people are so self-involved, engrossed, narcissistic these days, how do they end up nurturing the beautiful soul residing in them?? For me , the answer would be that they start looking for someone who can do this task for them! Well, and isn’t that the reason why people refer to a couple getting married their respective “soul mates?” But is that enough? Does getting married fixes it all ? No way. I think that one could never go more wrong if they hold this thinking. The only thing any soul in this whole-wide-world requires is love. A very simple kind of love! Marriage or no marriage, you start living in with a person or you don’t, you speak to them all day or you don’t , you live in a long distance relationship or you don’t . One thing that keeps that soul going is love. Its like a plant that needs regular watering or it could die but its only possible when a gardner can treat it like as if its his own, that’s where you know how beautiful you end up being and how in one go you will end up increasing your life span!

Hello to all, this is my first blog after being perplexed for a really long time if i should or should not write it all, i don’t think that i could’ve ever ended up finding a better time than this. Reason??? My soul is taken. It is taken in a way that it will never ever be returned now but the one who has it is miles away from me and i feel like a body which is so hollow, so lashed out, so petrified, its like all the nerves in my body are so out of control that they are punishing me for doing this to them. My own soul is not fond of me anymore, it craves for a soul out of my body to process. MY DESTINY!!! It’s screaming so bad that i’m scared to lose it. I’m sorry did i mention the amount of time i have been away? Not a couple or years, not months, not days, not even 20 bloody 4 hours and i feel dehydrated and trust me, I wish alcohol had something to do with it. Agghhhrrr!!!! So I met him exactly 5 years, 6 months and 18 days ago when we started it off as a fling (mutually) with an expiry date. How did i ever know that a something this immature will lead to something so massive that it would be out of the reach to be stopped by any individual on this planet earth???? how something so unlooked for, unhoped for, unanticipated, end up becoming my sole motive to live and be able to write this????? I promised myself to be fierce, after all the reason why he had to go in the first place was to make our future, a bright future. Did i mention that i belonged to a typical indian rich class of family who permits you to buy anything, and by anything, i mean any dam thing but not love someone who is a class or two below you! I’m not sorry that i opted to go against this caste system because this is not how God created us. We were only meant to be loved from the very second that we were born. So yes, i have been ditching my family all this time but was i really that wrong to do this to them??? I know that money is important because all the importance i have grasped in it so far are divorces (one that of my own brother), family feuds/separation, separation of a decades of love and affection, neglected health issues, how is it like being emotionally drained, first the fight to earn it and the to equally divide it ! Being in a joint family , coming across a dozen marriages, not one is even close to a happy one. All my life! So what that it got me to into fancy cars, a big house, branded clothes, it never got me happiness. I had to pay a big amount for that^^. Choosing another path to save my life was never wrong. But today i failed a little bit, because he left. I could never confirm him our marriage because either my family would’ve killed him or me or themselves and how could i afford to lose any of it. After all i do love my family a lot. Its just the generation gap that got me fucked straight up in the ass. And what has been the role of my soul in all this ?? It only and only got attracted to his. Dated like a 100 men but his was the one that i could worship. Its like i did not even know if my soul existed 5 years 6 months and 18 days back!!! Its ever since then that it came to action, that i still had life somewhere between all the fuss. So after no sleep from the past 72 hours and me and my soul still very much awake, he will be landing shortly and the irony of the matter is that i don’t have any idea where is it going to take us, i feel completely lost right now but i still do aspire for our destiny! Till eternity…..

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